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Elleys MCB – The Right Choice for A Shockproof Life!

Our lives have increasingly been dependent on Electricity, and human beings today cannot survive without it. Be it our personal devices such as laptops, phones, smart watches Air Pods, etc need electricity for charging them. Our home appliances or office equipment and now even our cars and bikes are highly dependent on electricity for their operation. In such cases when electricity consumption is higher than ever, the safety of you and your family becomes of utmost importance. MCBs, Circuit breakers, and switchgear are the most underrated and overlooked equipment of safety for homes, offices, and commercial setups.

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is electromechanical that secures electrical circuits from overload or short circuits. A power overload is when too many electrical appliances are plugged into a single Point which can cause problems. Why is it a must to install an MCB in your home? MCBs are an improved version of a fuse and it eliminates any large operating charges. MCBs instantly identify irregularities in the current flow and switch off the electrical circuit automatically. It detects the excessive current and breaks the circuit, therefore avoiding damage to appliances and also safeguarding human beings. There is a quick restoration of the power supply is possible in the case of MCBs and the best feature of MCBs is that they are reusable.

Elleys MCBs are particularly made by keeping in mind the extreme temperatures of the Indian Subcontinent. Elleys MCB is made of high-precision moulded thermoplastic material. It possesses flame-retardant properties a high melting point, high dielectric strength, lower water absorption, and the ability to withstand high temperatures. When the outside temperature rises and the temperature inside the MCB with passing current also becomes higher. Elleys MCB has an efficient design that cools the entire MCB unit while it is in operation. Elleys’ MCBs protect homes from overload. Due to their capacity to handle large amounts of electricity, they are much more reliable and safer than a fuse. One of its advantages is that it ensures equal distribution of electrical energy across all devices. Elleys’ MCB performs many functions such as local control switches, isolating switches against faults, and overload protection devices for installations or specific types of equipment or appliances. Elleys’ MCB is vital for the efficient functioning and maintaining the safety of electric machines. The circuit breakers come in multiple specifications with different ratings for different types of load such as miniature circuit breakers, high-rated MCBs, mini MCB isolators, isolator switching devices, and indicator lights. Tripping of an MCB is defined as a B – Curve & C- Curve, B – Curve is suitable for cables and ideal for protecting fault loops in domestic appliances. and C curves are useful for respectively medium to higher loads such as Industrial motors, outlets, and transformers.

Elleys’ in order to protect your family from short circuits, and supply voltage fluctuations, making an informed decision is a must. A shockproof home means investing in Elleys MCBs the best quality products to protect your precious life, your expensive appliances, and your property from fire hazards.