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LEDs That Light Up Your Life!

LEDs have become omnipresent, in your homes, offices, schools/colleges, hotels, cars, and public transport too. Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs have a wide range of applications, with flexible design elements, long-term durability, and provides energy efficiency. LEDs are also known as Solid State Lighting (SSL) because they are made up of solid material with no liquid filament. Almost 95% of LED lights are completely recyclable. LED light industry is fast growing and has a strong foothold in the lighting industry for the following particular reasons.

LEDs are toxin-free as compared to the traditional compact fluorescent which contains mercury. They are more shatter-resistant and less vulnerable to hazardous mercury. LED lights as compared to CFLs on average have a really long lifespan. An Elleys supreme quality LED light should last for around 50,000 Lumens. LED has no time lag, whereas an incandescent bulb and halogen lamp will take time to build up to full brightness, and an LED bulb lights up instantly. Have you wondered why traditional lights attract insects and dust well the reason is emissions of UV and Infrared radiation. LED lights don’t produce UV radiation and hence you stay radiation and pest-free with LEDs.
Elleys LEDs bring in aesthetic value to your homes, and subtle but bright indoor wall lights revamp your house décor like no other. The wall lights are placed conveniently within your reach so that an individual can direct the light as per usage. For example, if you like to read a book, then just direct the wall light placed beside your bed for comfortable reading rather than turning on the lights of your whole room. For a beautiful skylight appearance, Elleys flat panel LED lighting will yield better quality, using just half of the power compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs. Flat panel LED lighting provides the perfect source of light for specific environments like warehouses, factory outlets, and office spaces. Flat panel LED lights are available in two options backlit and edge-lit variations. If you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing, shadow-less light then edge-lit is an excellent choice. For a less expensive but more efficient and practical source of lighting, backlit panels are a great option.

Elleys offer LEDs in all shapes, sizes, and features, based on the types of LED and their usages such as Indoor Lights-Panel lights (available in slim sizes), Rimless Surface light, Twist and fit surface light, Junction light, Junction moonlight, Movable COB downlight, Spotlight, Striker light, Outdoor lights-bulkhead light, Street light, Flood light (glass and lens) Strip light, and Rope light (both includes RGB Controller IR with Connector With Remote). If you are still using the old CFLs or cheaper options of other LED brands, then switching to Elleys LED LIGHTING solutions is the smartest move to make just for efficiency but getting rid of high overhead costs like light bills and changing light bulbs. The industry has grown exponentially over the years and possesses the potential to achieve greater heights. And LEDs have been termed as “lights of the future”.