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Aesthetically Yours Elleys I-Mirro Slim Plates!

When it comes to home décor, modular switches have become a norm and why wouldn’t they be, they not only add to the aesthetic of your home but are safer than compared to older switches. But are we missing out on something here? Don’t you think that slim plates which are delightfully simple and minimalistic in appearance also deserve some appreciation, after all, it adds to the overall beauty of modular switches.

Elleys as a brand is synonymous with innovation and it is our mission is to create innovative products and in the case premium range of I-Mirro Slim Plates for Switches.

We have launched our most premium range of plates called I-Mirro Slim Plates, which consists of materials such as glass, pc, and recently introduced aluminium. In our pc plates, we have various finishes such as wooden texture, metallic as well as leather finish. The USP of these plates is that it is finished in chrome foil on the sides and in the center. The process that we follow in finishing these chrome plates is exactly the same as the one used by Premium Cas such as Mercedes/ BMW/ Audi in their logo. Now, this only gets done by Elleys through a German-based company called KURZ which is famous for its quality. The supreme quality guarantees no black spots or rust occurring due to the humidity in India.

We’ve also done a Lacquer finish on these wooden plates that gives them a glossy effect. Doing this ensures that the colour and end finish doesn’t fade away in sunlight in a few years, the Lacquer finish ensures the protection of the wooden colour for the next 15 years approximately giving it a longer life and an upgraded look. Along with wooden finishes, we have a range of finishes in our glass plates such as frosted as well as a mirror finish. Introducing the matte finish based on some interiors-architect’s suggestions was a bulls-eye. Since the glossy plates are easily subjected to catch fingerprints and oil stains, this 4mm thick toughened glass with a frosted finish gives a matte finish which prevents any marks or stains to accumulate on it. Classic, modular, elegant, modern, exquisite, refined, and contemporary is how we define I-Mirro Slim plates. These unique products will enhance and transform the interior as well as the decor of your space.

The idea behind designing the I-Mirro modular Slim plates was to combine functionality with style, which can transform the look and feel of your interiors. These plates give a refreshingly clean and modern look. I-Mirro Slim plate mixes contemporary design with high functionality. With elaborate interior décor trends becoming popular, previously neglected items like the switch plates have found their rightful place. The pace at which every décor fixture is changing will have a dramatic influence on the aesthetic appeal of homes and Elleys I-Mirro plates have been made keeping in mind these futuristic trends, which has completely changed the way we look at the switch plates.