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ABLE ART R 10.11.2022 37

A promise of protection from Elleys!

What is the first thing you do when you enter your house? Switch on the light? Keep your mobile phone, smartwatch, air pods, etc. on charging? Drink chilled water from the fridge? Or heat your food in the microwave? Whatever it is that you do, do you take note of the house wiring? Or How durable they are for your home? Some appliances run 24/7 like your refrigerator and if you are at home then even a fan, so when it comes to electrical cables and wires, you have to keep in mind that safety comes first. It is the quality that matters for which it is important to understand how wires and cables are generally manufactured, what materials are used in them and how to distinguish them by their colours. And why choose Elleys wires and cables for the safety of your family?

Wires and Cables are generally made of coppers and are multi-stranded which are considered to be quality wires. Elleys doesn’t comprise on quality for which we have started a new unit in Ahmedabad (Gujrat) for wires. Our extrusion machines extrude 300 meters per minute. Only 99.99% copper can run at that speed level, so if by any chance the machine is supplied with any other material, then the copper wires will start having breakages and the machine will automatically stop its production, thereby ensuring only high-quality copper is used in the wires. Elleys uses the best quality copper to provide the utmost purity in house wiring. Recently at Acetech Exhibition, in Mumbai, we got a huge sculpture made with Wires that stood in a hugging position. The minute you hug it, the head in the shape of a bulb would light up. At Elleys purity of human emotions also matters and hence we do not compromise in the purity of our products.

One cannot benefit from compromised materials and hence electrical wires and cables should be made of high-quality PVC which is another highlight of our wires that it is dual-coated PVC. Additionally, our all range of products is ISI-approved, which denotes the excellent quality of our electrical wires. Insulation should always be a three-layered electric wire which ensures that it remains shock-free. 1st Layer provides water resistance, 2nd layer provides heat resistance, and 3rd layer provides fire retardant properties which allow releasing zero smoke. Colourful wires look pretty isn’t it? But the real reason for colourful wires is to differentiate their purposes such as black-coloured wire for neutral, green wire for earth, and red, yellow or blue colour insulation for the three phases.

We at Elleys use high-quality materials for our wires and cables in the state-of-the-art unit at Ahmedabad (Gujrat), which is not only safe and durable but also gives excellent performance. Your life is precious and we make a point to protect it under all adverse electric conditions. The installation at Acetech Exhibition, in Mumbai, was dedicated to this very emotional and to extending a beautiful bond between us. Hugging this human figure made completely out of Elleys’ wires made its head glow, which is a testament to the supreme quality of Elleys wires and cables.