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What’s on your plate? We’ve got some aesthetics that you can add.

Can we agree to the fact that every small detail matters when it comes to beautifying your house? Then why think twice about your switch plates?
In a house where every design and colour scheme is thoughtfully painted and created, your switchboard might disturb the whole look if it is old or doesn’t match the rest. While providing a complete look for the ambience of your house, it also plays a prominent role in your safety.

Let’s understand what exactly is a cover plate. A cover plate is a decorative panel used to conceal the electrical switches and sockets on walls. A cover plate can instantly change the overall look of your interiors, provided you choose to get yours from one of the best switch companies in India. Few companies understand electric switchboard designs thoroughly and provide you with the right quality and designs you are looking for. We also have some great recommendations for fancy electric switchboard designs awaiting you in this blog.

Listed below are some of the benefits of revamping your cover panels

Customisation at its best

When you approach some of the best switch companies for your fancy electric switchboard designs, you get the option to customise your designs the way you want. Getting tailor-made designs from a wide range helps. You can get designs for each of your rooms in your house. Whether it requires a 12-module switchboard, 6-module switchboard or an 8-module switchboard, you can customise all.

Quality and durability

We all want things that are worth the price we are paying for, and getting panels from well-known and best switch companies will bring you the same. It is definitely important that you get a good quality product and one that lasts longer.

Match your home aesthetics

A wide range of switchplates also contains things like glass switchplates, plastic, metal and wood. These different patterns and materials go differently with different aesthetics of your interior. Hence, it becomes easier for you to choose the best or to add a unique touch to your house.

With quality comes safety

Good quality cover panels are known to be a life saviour. Very often when there is an electrical leakage, a cover panel can be a good obstacle between you and the electrical wave coming. The material of the panels also makes a difference as it acts as an insulator, stopping the flow of electricity. If you opt for an automated system, then just a touch is enough to operate multiple devices in your house which is one of the safest systems in the industry. You can research about home automation in India and how it is clearly a boon for the market.

We have a wide range of panels that you will instantly fall in love with. Some of these plates are I-mirro slim, Royal glass plates, Flat glass plates, Electro plates, E-square plates and many more. If you are looking for a revamp then some of these options will fit the best in your new space or in your renovation plans. You can check out the full range of our products here.