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Reasons why FRLS wires are the real saviour

FRLS (flame retardant low smoke) wires are gaining demand because of their quality and ability to save us from life-threatening scenarios. FRLS wires can withstand high temperatures for a specific period when exposed to direct fire. Majorly used in areas that are prone to fire, FRLS cables are the need of the hour.

A fire caused due to electrical short circuits is one of the major concerns in many households, societies, industries and workspaces. One of the main reasons for such accidents is the poor quality and incorrect choices of using a wire. Hence, it is important to know what you are installing before creating or revamping your space and approach to best switch company or Indian wire companies for better assistance.

What goes into the making of FRLS?

FRLS wires are made from a compound that is equipped to perform better with low smoke in comparison to other wires that have Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) as the outer sheathing material. This PVC coating makes sure that the wire, when burnt, emits less smoke. As the FRLS wires emit less smoke, they also guarantee the visibility of at least 40% compared to others making the firefighters’ job easier to rescue people who are trapped during a fire incident.

Advantages of installing FRLS wires

In case of a fire in any space, it is known that the major cause of fatalities is because of smoke inhalation more than the fire itself. Also, these times are so uncertain that it is almost impossible to predict and because of this, most people are unprepared to escape the place to be safer. Due to the heavy and dense smoke, it also gets very difficult to navigate to a safer place. However, FRLS wires being one of the best heat-resistant wires, are designed to give safer results.

Reduces the risk of fire from spreading:
FRLS wires self-extinguish the flames at a fast speed because they have an oxygen index higher than 26%. So, they can minimize or even stop the fire.

It releases fewer dangerous elements:
FRLS wires release very little smoke, corrosive fumes and toxic gas that may cause severe damage to our lungs when inhaled and even make it difficult to keep the eyes open. With FRLS wires, it becomes easier to handle fire-related accidents.

Gives more visibility:
FRLS wires give a visibility of at least 40% during fire accidents giving the fire fighter and other people to rescue and navigate to a safer space easily.

If you’d like to dig deeper into FRLS wires, we have listed below the property details of these wires so it can help you understand and decide on the quality while purchasing.

When checked, the oxygen index of them is around 26% at 270C + 20C
The temperature index of the FRLS wires should be more than 2500C
These types of wires should have a smoke density of less than 50% maximum.
They should be able to bear temperatures up to 650°C, 750°C and 950°C as per various conditions and operations

With so many benefits, it is definitely an investment to install FRLS wires in your space. If you think this suits your wants, you can look up to Elleys’ for your next electrical installment with a wide range and good quality wires. Click here to check out all the products.