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Own a commercial space? Here’s your guide to electrical installations

A sound commercial space requires a strategic electrical installation plan that helps you ensure everything goes smoothly and safely. There are certain electrical layouts you must keep in mind when you own a large, air-conditioned and fully equipped office or a huge factory floor full of heavy machinery. The wires and electrical components used in commercial spaces require a great degree of complexity that only a few Indian wire companies can help you assist with. It is crucial to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the space and that every wire and electrical component is installed correctly.

Industrial spaces, with their expensive assets, can greatly suffer if things go south. Commercial spaces, more than any other spaces, require a 24×7 operation of their appliances and machinery. For the same reason, we bring you a complete guide to installing a safe and effective commercial electrical system with a suggestion of types of products from the best switch company.

What exactly falls under commercial installations?

Commercial electrical installations refer to the process of designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems in commercial spaces such as offices, warehouses, retail stores and other business establishments. These installations differ from residential installations due to the larger scale and more complex requirements of electrical systems. The process being this complex, we usually recommend looking up to the best switch companies that can provide you with good quality, well-engineered and thoughtfully designed products that no other Indian wire companies can.

What is the difference between commercial and residential electrical systems?

Commercial spaces, with their connected machinery and their great number of inhabitants, require a high load of power supply. For this reason, most of them utilize a three-phase power system as opposed to a single-phase power system that is used in residential spaces.

A three-phased system delivers electricity on a constant basis, avoiding the spikes and dips in voltage that a single-phased system often finds itself with. It can also supply three times the power compared to a single-phase system. Only needing one additional wire, they can supply the same unit of power.

Key things to consider for electric installations for commercial spaces

Understand your needs:

The scope of your work, the size of your industry/office space and the time span involved in the process of work can better define your requirements. You may also consider the current and future requirements, the number of electrical outlets needed, and the special equipment that may require dedicated circuits.

Upgrade your electrical panels:

Commercial spaces often have high electrical demands and your current panel may not be sufficient. Upgrading your panels will help you meet your additional needs and prevent the space from potential overloads and electrical issues.

Consult professional electricians:

Commercial electrical installations are more complex than residential ones and require experienced professionals to ensure safety, efficiency and compliance with local codes. Hiring licensed commercial electricians guarantees that your installations meet industry standards and will serve you well for years.

Efficient electrical wiring:

Proper electrical wiring is crucial for safety and efficiency. The main cause of any short circuits starts from the kind of wire you use. Considering the kind of power consumption involved in industries, good-quality wires are a must because they are capable enough to supply a good amount of electricity at once. Hence, make sure you install the cables and wires from the best Indian wire company

Here are some wire suggestions to consider:

  • Flame retardant Low Smoke (FLRS wires) guarantees 40% less smoke production in cases of fires due to short circuits, making it easier for people to navigate towards safety and prevent dangers.
  • Heat resistant wires are lead-free and made up of high quality braided glass fiber sleeving that prevents the wire from heating even if the inflow of electricity is high. This can again be a saviour during the time of accidents and unwanted scenarios.

Use energy efficient options:

With the advancement in technology, there are many energy efficient options available for lighting and other electrical system. Installing energy efficient options reduces your bills, and consumption and contributes to environmental sustainability.

Commercial electrical installations are a critical aspect of the safety and success of any business. By understanding the unique requirements of your retail space, hiring professionals and implementing energy efficient options can ensure your safe and secure electrical installation. Keeping the above factors into consideration, it is also important to make sure you are using good quality products while installing and from a reputed Indian wire company.

If you have any recent plans to revamp your space or install a whole new electrical system then you can look up to one of the best switch companies, Elleys’ group. To check out a whole wide range of quality products and understand how to follow the next step, visit