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A guide to protect your homes from faulty wires

Most of the gadgets that we use today either run on electricity or use it for charging themselves. Earlier only home appliances consumed electricity, but today our phones, laptops, and smartwatches are charged using electricity. And hence it becomes rather imperative to have good wiring in homes. Wires and cables are crucial elements to optimize electricity connections in homes. They ensure a constant supply of electricity to run your appliances properly.

Installing an electrical system for new homes or rewiring, in either case, choosing the right type of electrical wires and cables becomes an essential part of your and your family’s safety. Wires are of different colors and are constructed from a variety of different materials. But which one should you choose to make your home safe from electrical shocks and short circuits? Here are a few important steps for you to ensure a shockproof home:- 

Insulation of Wires:

Choosing a three-layered wire is an important step in wire insulation. Where the first layer provides water resistance, the second layer provides heat resistance especially if installed in high temperature areas, and the third layer is fire retardant i.e. restricts the spread of fire in case of an outbreak. Elleys uses high quality copper and PVC that offer supreme properties of water and heat resistance, durability, and flexibility according to different power units. Thereby, ensuring the safe and secure operation of your home’s electrical system.

Why do wires come in different colour and what does it mean:

These colourful wires definitely look pretty but the real reason is to distinguish them based on their properties and purpose of use as the black wire is used for neutral wiring and green wire for earthing and red, yellow, or blue wires are for three phase insulation purposes. This colour coordinated wired network is further used to maintain organization by using designated cables for various appliances and other applications.

Go For High-Quality Material:

Elleys electrical wires or cables are made using copper, which gives your electrical circuits more stability and durability. It also performs better than other branded wires as we use dual-coated PVC which is safe, and durable.

Cable Size Matters:

Always assess the voltage regulations, short circuit ratings, and carrying capacity of the current before choosing the cable size. If you are not careful with the cable sizes then it may lead to short circuits, irregular voltage, or fluctuation that can damage your wires which in turn damages your property and put the lives of your loved ones in jeopardy.

We at Elleys use high-grade materials for our wires and cables which are manufactured in our state-of-the-art unit at Ahmedabad. All our wires and cable undergo a great deal of testing and trials to get an ISI mark. Our high quality copper infused wires and cables enhance safety, functionality, ease of use, and serviceability. Hence, it only makes sense to buy wires and cables from Elleys. We manufacture superior quality wires and cables not only for residential and infrastructural purposes but also for commercial, and industrial infrastructure purposes that comply with industry standards. 

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